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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Dongguan Yintai Glass Co.,Ltd
code of conduct
  The code of conduct of Dongguan Yintai Glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yintai”) is based on Yintai’s sustainable development strategy of “equal emphasis on economic and social benefits”. This code of conduct is the common code of conduct for all employees of Yintai, and it is also the long-term choice of Yintai. The basic conditions of cooperating suppliers and service providers are specially formulated with a code of conduct.
二、Scope of application
  This code of conduct applies to all Intime employees and subordinate supply chain management.
  1.Child labor and young labor
    1.1The employment of child labor is strictly prohibited, and employment opportunities shall be provided for juvenile workers. The juvenile workers employed shall be protected and provided with skill training in accordance with laws and regulations.
  2.Compulsive and restrained employment
    2.1No forced labor, prison labor, restrained labor, or involuntary labor is allowed.
  3.Business ethics
    3.1Corruption or bribery in any business activities is prohibited, the principle of zero tolerance is adopted for corruption and bribery, and no official documents are forged.
    4.1Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to environmental management, evaluate the environmental impact that may be caused by production or living activities, and formulate a feasible plan to avoid or reduce the negative impact on the environment.
    4.2Regularly monitor the environment and obtain necessary monitoring reports.
  5.Employee health and safety
    5.1Provide employees with a good working environment and applicable personal protective equipment. Carry out risk assessment on the workplace. The risk assessment should be continuously updated based on changes in production activities, and a feasible plan based on the risk assessment should be formulated to gradually reduce the sources of risk.
    5.2The occupational hazards in the workplace are tested once a year, and the test reports are obtained and saved.
    5.3Provide employees with necessary safety training.
    5.4We ensure that we provide our employees with a comfortable and safe accommodation and dining environment.
  6.Working hours, wages and benefits
    6.1Ensure that employees' working hours, wages and benefits meet the requirements of laws and regulations.
    7.1To establish an anti-discrimination policy, all employees should enjoy the same rights and benefits. Do not discriminate against employees based on age, gender, gender recognition, marital and family status, race, religious belief, physical status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other reason.
  8.Harassment, abuse and disciplinary behavior
    8.1It is strictly forbidden to participate in, support corporal punishment, violent intimidation, and other forms of mental and physical oppression. It is not allowed to participate in, support or allow any form of harassment or abuse of employees in the workplace or the accommodation provided. And no public warning and punishment system may be used.
  9.Employee participation
    9.1Establish a health and safety committee with at least half of ordinary employees among the members of the committee, and hold a meeting at least once a quarter.
    9.2Develop written procedures to guide employees on how to report and complain about social responsibility related issues, such as discrimination, harassment or abuse. Employees should be familiar with the appeal procedure.
    10.1Written procedures should be established to ensure that the requirements of this Code of Conduct are communicated to suppliers and partners, and their implementation should be monitored.
  11.Complaints and Suggestions
    11.1When you find any behavior that violates the above-mentioned company code of conduct, please communicate and feedback with us through the following channels, and we will treat it confidentially.
      Complaints and suggestions:
        1)Phone:0769-38967688 / 510  

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