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Company Culture

Company Culture

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1. Cultural concept:
  1) Yintai's motto: work together with joys and sorrows; work together with one heart; work together with the factory; enjoy together with the factory.
  2) Company life: Responsible to shareholders, to employees, and to society.
  3) Business philosophy: unity, innovation, dedication and sharing.
2. Recreational life of employees:
  We are deeply aware of the importance of employees' physical and mental health, so we attach great importance to employees' work and life.
We have organized various activities such as sports games, calligraphy games, chess games, basketball leagues, billiards, table tennis games, dance parties, etc., and set up entertainment halls designed to enrich the lives of employees, including library, projection hall, and table tennis. Ball room etc. We also encourage employees to give back to society, such as organizing voluntary tree planting, donating to disaster-stricken areas and welfare homes and other public welfare activities.
3. Employment mechanism:
  The goal of Yintai’s employment is to build a talent team that meets the requirements of modern enterprises. Under the new competitive situation, it constantly adjusts the scale, structure and management of human resources. It uses advanced management methods of modern enterprises to fully mobilize the enterprising spirit of employees and give full play to their Potential, create a vigorous corporate atmosphere, fully reflect the value of employees, and achieve win-win benefits for sustainable development of the scale of the company.
  1) Principles of employing people: "The capable ones are superior, the average ones are let go, the mediocre ones get down"
  2) Talent concept:
  Pay attention to the character and ability of employees, and require employees to have professionalism and pioneering ability, a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, have modern management awareness and ability, and advocate group cooperation spirit.
  Use the environment to inspire talents!
  Motivate talents with salary!
  Use mechanisms to retain talent!
  Use career to create talents!

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